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Effective April 20, 2022, Chocolate Fountain Fun will no longer be accepting new Fountain Rental Contracts.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.   

First:  Which do you crave?  Chocolate?  Cheese?  Caramel?

* Milk Chocolate

Rich and Smooth! Our hand mixed Signature Milk Chocolate, will make you smile looking at it... but wait until you taste it!  Is there anything better than Warm, Flowing Chocolate? There's a reason it's our Customer's #1 choice! 

* Dark Chocolate

Bold Without the Bitter! Our Dark Chocolate will make a convert of anyone who says they don't like dark chocolate! Their number one complaint? The bitter ending! We worked for months to find the perfect balance of dark and milk chocolates, not quite happy until we found the perfect recipe... and we haven't changed that recipe in 17 years! 

White Chocolate, Medium Fountain

* White Chocolate

Creamy and Milky, our White Chocolate is doesn't disappoint! 

* Nacho Cheese

In the mood for Savory instead of Sweet?  Our Nacho Cheese is what you crave!  A Cheese lover's dream, with just a bit of kick, our Nacho Cheese flows beautifully, just waiting for you to join the Party! 

*~* NEW *~*

* Caramel

Brand new in our line-up, we are excited to now offer our customers Decadently Smooth Caramel!  Completely unlike anything Central Virginia has seen before, what better way is there to WOW your party guests, than with a NEW Caramel Fountain from Chocolate Fountain Fun!  

Second:   How many guests will you be having?

* The "Bittie"

For your more intimate events, treat yourself to 2 pounds of fun!  At just 17" tall, our "Bitties" are just as fun as their larger counterparts.

* Small Fountain

Our #1 rented fountain, our Small Fountain stands 29" tall and holds 6 pounds of our artisan chocolate, caramel, or cheese.  This fountain will help you entertain 75 to 100 guests.

* Medium Fountain

For larger events, our Medium Fountain stands 28" tall and holds 16 pounds of our signature chocolate, caramel, or cheese.  This fountain will entertain up to 250 guests.

* Large Fountain

Used more for corporate events, our Large Fountain stands 32" tall and holds an impressive 20 pounds of our luscious chocolate, caramel, or cheese, to entertain up to 400 guests.

* "Grandpa"

Affectionately known as "Grandpa", our Extra-Large Fountain stands an impressive 40" tall and holds 28 pounds of our amazing gourmet chocolate, caramel, or cheese.  "Grandpa" will easily entertain more than 400 guests.

3 Fountains, Medium, Bittie & Small.JPG

Featured here, from Left to Right are:

* Medium Fountain, with Black Skirt & Boxwood Swag

* Bittie Fountain, with Rustic Skirt & no Swag

* Small Fountain, with Dark Chocolate, White Skirt & Boxwood Swag  

Featured here, from Left to Right are:

* Large Fountain, with Milk Chocolate, White Skirt & Ivy Swag

* Small Fountain, with White Chocolate, White Skirt & Ivy Swag

* Medium Fountain, with Dark Chocolate, White Skirt & Ivy Swag

Third:   Customize your Fountain: Choose your Skirt & Swag!

* Choose Your Skirt!

Customize your fountain base with a skirt to fit the theme of your event!  White, Black, Red, or *NEW* Rustic!  

* White Skirt

Small Fountain, White Skirt.PNG
White Skirt.PNG
Large Fountain, white skirt, ivy swag 2.
Black Skirt.PNG

* Black Skirt

Medium Fountain, Black Skirt.PNG


* Red Skirt

Red Skirt.PNG
Event, small dark, red skirt, stepped pl
Medium Fountain, Red Skirt_edited.png

* Rustic Skirt

Milk Chocolate, Bittie, Glen Allen, 3-20
Bittie with Rustic skirt.PNG
Dark Chocolate, Small Fountain at Adalin

* Choose Your Swag!

Get just the right look.  Customize your fountain base with a swag!  Ivy, Boxwood, Magnolia, or Philodendron

* Ivy Swag

Ivy Swag.PNG
Large Fountain, Ivy Swag.PNG

* Magnolia Swag

Medium Fountain, Magnolia
Magnolia Swag.PNG


Small Fountain Swag option 2.PNG
Medium Fountain, Swag Option 2.PNG

* Boxwood Swag

Swag Option 2.PNG

* These Swags look best when paired with our Medium, Large or Grandpa Fountains


Milk Chocolate, small Fountain - Cameron

* Philodendron Swag

Philodendron Swag.PNG

Fourth:   Customize your event with add-on items.

* Extra Extra!

Get an extra 2-pound bag of your chocolate, caramel, or cheese, to have on hand, just in case it's needed.  ~Bonus~ If you don't need the extra chocolate, caramel, or cheese, and it is still in the cooler, bag unopened, when we pick-up your fountain, the cost of the extra bag will be refunded to you!  That's right!  You get the extra security of knowing you won't run out of chocolate, with a refund if not needed.

* Fountain Attendant

Have your Fountain Station tended-to by Chocolate Fountain Fun!  Our friendly and professional staff will work with your catering and venue staff to make sure that your Fountain Station stays stocked with all your favorite dippers.  We will also be there to assist any little-ones who may want to enjoy the chocolate or caramel.  Thus freeing-up you and your guests to be able to completely enjoy and celebrate your day.  Just think of us as a "Chocolate Lifeguard"... We haven't lost anyone yet!

* Multi-Fountain Discount

Having trouble deciding on just one Chocolate, Caramel, or Cheese?  Fear not!  Rent the first fountain at regular price, and receive a $50 discount on the price of each additional fountain.

Fifth:   CFF Signature Full Service - Standard

* Delivery & Set-Up

Standard with each fountain rental is our concierge delivery and set-up.  Our friendly family staff will deliver your fountain and artisan chocolate, caramel, or cheese to your event, up to 1 hour prior to the starting time.  Our experts will set-up your fountain to your liking, and your luscious chocolate, caramel, or cheese will be perfectly flowing, ready for your guests' arrival.

* Presentation

We strive to elegantly display each fountain, although we can not always match your caterer's vision.  This is why with each fountain we offer your choice of a white, black, red, or "rustic" skirt as well as a silk greenery swag to adorn the base.  We provide a green ivy swag or swag option #2 for around the base of the Bittie and Small fountains.  And a swag of silk magnolia leaves, green ivy, swag option #2, or philodendron to adorn the base of the Medium, Large, and Grandpa fountains.

* Clean-Up & Retrieval

Also standard with each fountain rental is our signature clean-up and retrieval.  When you are ready to wrap-up your evening, our staff will be back to clean-up and retrieve the fountain.  Just tell us when you expect your event to finish, and we'll be back to take care of the rest.

That's right!  When we say "Full-Service Fountain Rentals", we mean just that!  You, your guests, Venue staff, and caterers have enough on their plates!  Let Chocolate Fountain Fun help to bring that little extra to your event!

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